Friday, August 14, 2009

Tagliani To Become Owner/Driver In '10

After multiple reports that Alex Tagliani and Jim Freudenberg of Rubicon Racing fame will get together for a 2010 IRL entry, Racer.com goes into even more detail.

Apparently Alex has found a Canadian investor to help with the purchase of equipment. What equipment might you ask? Tags has bought out all equipment including 4 Dallaras off of Indycar vet Marty Roth.

Although he purchased 4 chassis it appears they'll just be a one car team, at least to start out with the possibility of a 2nd for the 94th Indianapolis 500. Tags then hopes to bring up a "young Canadian" to the Indycar Series in the future. If I were James Hinchcliffe I'd keep my cell phone close.

The purchase of Roth's equipment supports the rumor that Gil de Ferrans team will be a buy out of a current team. Possabilites could include Conquest and Rahal Letterman.


If only Hinchcliffe could drive as well as he talks, he'd be a legend. "Hinchtown" is a blowhard.

Dude is running for Sam Schmidt and can't win a race in Indy Lights. That should tell you something. Just about anyone with a pulse has won a race driving for SSM.

Tags should hire Andrew Ranger and be done with it. There really shouldn't be a 2nd choice.

Don't count too much on this happening just yet. They say purchased Roth's equipment, but it appears they have not yet. There is a rumnor going around that they have missed a payment, and that does not mean "sold". Also, they have not paid in full. That would mean if someone came in with the full amount, they could buy from under these guys.
Also, hopefully this Azzi dude is not getting mis-informed of what it takes to run a team. I have heard estimates of anywhere between 6-8 million for a top effort. Add that to the 2 million or so they are buying Roth's stuff for, and you have 8-10 million to run a season. Sure you get 1.3 from the league, but that is a small return. A single investor will not take that kind of financial hit. Sponsorships are very hard to come by. Where does this cash come from? I have seen too many teams based off a foundation of mis-guided hope.
I hope for the best, but also have seen this movie way too many times. I sure hope this is not another bad or failing effort.

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