Friday, August 14, 2009

AGR In '09 Could Be APR In '10

There were rumors about this time last season that AGR co-owners Michael Andretti, Kim Green and Kevin Savoree could be splitting up for the 2009 season. As you know it didn't happen, AGR is still standing strong, well at least there standing.

New rumors have now surfaced in the form of a Robin Miller SPEED T.V. article. RM reports that Gary Peterson of AFS/AGR's Indy Lights team could be moving up to the big time as a co-owner with Michael Andretti.

Maybe theres more to AFS/AGR running Frank Montagny at Infenion than was originally thought.


Bottom line at AGR... Michael and Marco have been spending too much energy chasing after Playboy centerfolds and hanging with "Hef" at the Mansion...not that I would not lead the good life if I had the chance. But to win against Penske and TCGR you have to eat, sleep, drink and s**t racing. I read Danica Patrick's Tweets and most are about taking her dog to the vet, cooking a fancy dinner ect. ect. Not much about racing. Something has to give...

Danica blows up another team, as she heads out the door. What a shocker.

How's this scenario?

Andretti/AFS- Marco and TK
Team Green- Wheldon and Hildebrand

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