Saturday, May 22, 2010

Q&A With Alex Lloyd

16th And Georgetown: You ran pretty well today topping out in 11th with a 225.103. How's the car?

Alex Lloyd: "We've known that we've been capable of it, we've just had high downforce the first few days. We've been taking a little different approach, to where the other people have been doing qualifying and race trim in the same day, we've really just worked on race. Today we finally got a chance to take the downforce off and go for some speed. I think that the reassuring thing is, we've got the kind of speed that we were hoping we were going to get. The last couple of changes there, we found some things that I think are going to make it even a little quicker still. A lot of peoples times were in a draft, so I think were capable of a top 15 qualifying spot if we get everything together. We'll work hard over night and try to put it all together, but today was a pretty good day."

16th And Georgetown: With the rain and short month, how hard is it to figure when to practice for qualifications and when to prep for the race?

Alex Lloyd: "Difficult. I was a little nervous I've got to say a couple days ago, because we've been running race setups for the whole first week. We looked to the weather and said 'Wednesday and Thursday are going to be nice days, Friday maybe not but we've got two full days there to take the downforce off". Wednesday it rained pretty quickly, and we didn't get much running in. Yesterday there was a little bit of dry running, but we had a clutch problem so that cost us some doing. I think that today was really the first time that we were able to get into qualifying trim. Yesterday was a little nerve racking, you want to get into qualifying trim before Saturday, I was thinking with today probably being a washout that we'd be doing it all on qualifying day, which isn't ideal. But, we've got everything that we wanted to do in today, so we feel good. We've worked hard on the the race set up which come race day is going to be important. It looks like we have a pretty good set up for qualifying too. We'll see, tomorrow is going to be warmer so the conditions are going to change, it might help some people and it might hurt others so we'll see how our car does"

16th And Georgetown: What are your thoughts on the new qualification format?

Alex Lloyd: "It doesn't leave any room for error. In previous years if something goes wrong on Fast Friday, or qualifying day you've got the following weekend. Here, if somebody has something go wrong between now and Sunday you could be in a bit of trouble. Especially if you don't have a really top of the line backup car. So, you've got to be precise. You've got to make sure to make smart choices and get the car comfortable, where you need to be and get it in the show. Like I've said, we've been taking a conservative approach, and I think that's a good thing. I think were going to have the speed at the end of the day and the car at the end of the day to put on a good qualifying performance and hopefully have a good race."


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