Monday, August 17, 2009

Fisher Presented With 2009 Dallara

(Photo courtesy of Indycar.com)
Sarah Fisher Racing announced today the addition of what they said was a 2nd Dallara. The Chassis was graciously given to SFR by one of there biggest sponsors, Hartman Oil.

The much lighter new chassis will serve as Fishers backup for her next race at Chicagoland in 2 weeks, but should be race ready as her primary for the season finale in Miami. The 2009 Dallara which is replacing her current 2003 model was #2 out of the Italian chassis builders shops, with the first going to Tony Kanaan.

Today's announcement contradicts an April 10th report that SFR had already purchased a 2nd Dallara from Sam Schmidt Motorsports. It also makes you wonder how they had 3 entries on the original Indy 500 entry list, #67, #67 T, and #68.
"Oh, my gosh! I'm absolutely shocked. I just got a brand new car; I felt like I was on the 'Price is Right.

"I actually thought I was coming today to shoot a Dollar General commercial. To have a spare car, it means we can be more aggressive and be able to put it on the line even more. It will make a huge difference in our racing efforts.

Maybe there's an option now to have a second car at Indy once the first car is in solid, and it makes a huge difference in preparation. We'll be able to have a better shot at doing some road course events or some short oval events. We're building, we have some really great people and we're lucky." -Sarah Fisher

"I consider Sarah a friend. I'm sure I could write a check and sponsor other race car drivers, but Sarah's relationship is more than race car driver or team owner. I find her very interesting and intelligent as a person. She's just a unique individual.

It's people like Sarah that make the world great. It's been a great life for me and it's time I pass on some of the good fortune I've had on to others." -Willis Hartman


great news indeed - i find that this, as well as Tag's (potential) new team, Gil de Ferran entering (and possibly Fernandez too) are all wonderful boosts for the IRL.

They are also excellent considering the negativity that has been floating around the series lately.
Considering how well Fisher has driven the old Dallara so far this season, I for one can't wait to see the new car at full stretch come Homestead.

A genuine good story for the IRL; in a year with very few of them. Sarah and her team is one of the few interesting things left in the IRL.

2 things struck me while reading about this....

1. Sarah has been out there in a 7 year old chassis. Makes what she has been able to accomplish (qualifying in the top 22 at Indy this year and running very strong at Kentucky the past 2 years) even more impressive.

2. Her team purchased the 2nd new chassis from Dallara this year. AGR and Kanaan have the other one. So, there have been only 2 brand new chassis bought for the ENTIRE YEAR. That is startling for a supposed "top level" racing series. I think that shows, how bad these teams are hurting and how weak the series is financially.

The 2nd entry at Indy was going to be a "joint effort" with another team. If the effort had come to fruition, a 2nd chassis would have been acquired (likely from SSM).

That is why the 2nd SFR entry was on the entry list. And, per Indy entry rules, if you have one "real" chassis, you can enter another one on the entry list (67 and 67T). Its not like garage space is at a premium anymore.

Your points well taken...

But the Indy Star article said they had already purchased the Dallara from SSM.

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