Monday, November 23, 2009

Q&A With Tomas Scheckter

(Photos Courtesy of Indycar)
By: Tony Donohue

Tomas Scheckter is one of the most thrilling drivers to ever strap into an Indy Car. His breath taking passes, daring moves and marketing value make him one of the fan favorites to any who follow the IZOD Indy Car Series. Scheckter, finished up his seventh Indy Car season for Dreyer and Reinbold Racing driver the #43, and at times #23 Mona Vie Honda. He has two career wins, 8 poles and 37 Top 10's in his career.

Tony: You brought your own sponsor to the series this year in Mona Vie. Tell us a little bit more about the product and how fans can get involved with it.

Tomas: You can get involved with Mona Vie by signing up to get the product and also become a distributor. I have been taking Mona Vie for about 2 years and have had great results for my immune system. Plus its a great way to make extra income.

Tony: You ran Indy this year with Dale Coyne Racing, and ran a partial schedule with Dreyer and Reinbold, how did this deal come about for Indy and with DRR?

Tomas: I was speaking with Dennis Reinbold since the start of year. I was able to do more races with them as I was in the 23 car for some extra races. Driving for Dale Coyne was great at Indy, he is an extremely good owner to drive for as well as working with Bill Papis and Justin Wilson.

Tony: Where would you like to land for the 2010 IZOD Indy Car Series?

Tomas: I want to be in the best possible place where I have chances to win races, I have led a lot of laps in this series and have enough experience now to know that if I am put in a competitive situation again I can win.

Tony: You have over 3000 followers on Twitter, and everyone seems to get a kick out of your dog Snoop. Tell His more about Snoop.

Tomas: Snoop I got from Uncle Bills in Indianapolis. I know the owners daughter and go into the store regularly to play with puppies and fell in love with Snoop.

Tony: After the incident involving Alex Tagliani at Toronto which provoked another glove throwing incident, have you spoke with Tags since?

Tomas: I talked to Tags at Edmonton. He came to speak to me which was nice. We spoke for a bit and shook hands at the end. Racing is a sport with a lot of emotion where a lot is on the line but racing things happen. Whats good is you can shake hands and move on.

Tony: When you ran select races this season in the 23 car, you were reunited with Larry Curry who you worked with when you ran for Vision. How did this help your performance?

Tomas: Larry Curry is a great guy, I enjoy working with him because he installs a lot of confidence in myself. Still, I had missed out on a lot of driving this year so I needed to be in a situation where I worked with some of the people I had worked with in the past. It helped alot.

Tony: If you ever win the Indy 500, what do you drink first? Milk or Mona Vie?

Tomas: That is good question. Well first we need to see what direction Mona Vie wants to take next year. They are a great company and product I believe in, but it is Indy and I love the tradition and would do nothing to disrespect that tradition of drinking the milk, but soon after I drink the milk I would love nothing more than to drink some Mona Vie Energy.

Tony: In the past, you have been known to tear up some equipment. This year, we saw a different, more patient Tomas Scheckter, what has changed?
Tomas: I think your right, I am more patient. I have more of a feel and think bigger picture now, I must be getting old.

Tony: Luczo Dragon showed signs of progress in 2009, why do you think things didn't click there for you in 2008?

Tomas: I am not sure what happened at Luczo. I think i did a pretty good job for them at Indy and big ovals. I enjoyed working with a lot of the guys on the team. I guess I needed stronger driveshafts or something, funny how I didn't brake one this year.

Tony: To end, tell us about the tent set up in your home that you sleep in.

Tomas: I have an altitude tent to help with my fitness. Its something a lot of endurance athletes do. I first got the idea from Lance Armstrong. I tried it and then started to use it regularly. I want to make sure my body and mind is best it can be in and out of the car.

Tomas still has not announced anything for the 2010 IZOD Indy Car Series. You can follow him on Twitter @TomasScheckter. Stay tuned to 16th And Georgetown for updates on where Tomas will land next season.


my apologies.. the twitter address is @TomasScheckter

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