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Monday, May 25, 2015

Indianapolis 500 Day After Photo Shoot

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Montoya Wins At Indianapolis

Juan Pablo Montoya is your 2015 Indianapolis 500 champion.

With just 3 laps remaining in the 200 lap race, Montoya made the pass on Scott Dixon for the lead and never relinquished.


1. Juan Pablo Montoya
2. Will Power
3. Charlie Kimball
4. Scott Dixon
5. Graham Rahal
6. Marco Andretti
7. Helio Castroneves
8. JR Hildebrand
9. Josef Newgarden
10. Simon Pagenaud
11. Sebastien Bourdais
12. Ryan Briscoe
13. Takuma Sato
14. Townsend Bell
15. Ryan Hunter-Reay
16. Gabby Chaves
17. Alex Tagliani
18. James Jakes
19. Simona de Silvestro
20. Carlos Munoz
21. Justin Wilson
22. Pippa Mann
23. Sebastian Saavedra
24. Jack Hawksworth
25. Stefano Coletti
26. Tony Kanaan
27. James Davison
28. Tristan Vautier
29. Oriol Servia
30. Ed Carpenter
31. Bryan Clauson
32. Sage Karam
33. Conor Daly

Historical Stats:

The .1046 margin of victory today was the 4th closest in history. Behind '92, '14 and '06.

With 84 laps led, Scott Dixon moves from 13th to 10th on the all-time list. He jumps Billy Arnold, Rick Mears and Michael Andretti.

Kanaan moves from 24th to 20th, leapfrogging Mauri Rose, Rodger Ward, Rex Mays and Helio Castroneves.

Charlie Kimball ran the 6th quickest fastest lap of the race of all-time with a 226.712mph speed on lap 102.

Montoya is the first driver to win in the No. 2 since Al Unser in 1978.

The 16th win for Penske expands his lead over Lou Moore and Chip Ganassi who have 5.

With his 500 miles today, Helio Castroneves has jumped to 7th on the all-time mileage leaders list over Johnny Rutherford and Buddy Lazier with 7,135.

Chevrolet's win was their 9th, breaking their tie with Ford for 5th all-time.

Tony Kanaan is now tied for 2nd all-time with 11 races led. Scott Dixon and Helio Castroneves are tied for 5th with 10 races with a lap led.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Indianapolis 500 Records And Milestones At Risk

Current Record: 4 - A.J. Foyt, Al Unser & Rick Mears
- Helio Castroneves win would tie record.
- Tony Kanaan, Juan Pablo Montoya, Scott Dixon and Ryan Hunter-Reay 2nd win - Would tie w/Fittipaldi, Johncock, Luyendyk, Milton, Unser Jr., Vukovich, Ward & Wheldon for 11th all-time. Foyt, Unser, Mears, Castroneves, Franchitti, Meyer, Rose, Rutherford, Shaw & B. Unser have more.

Consecutive Victories
Current Record: 2 - Wilbur Shaw, Mauri Rose, Bill Vukovich, Al Unser Sr. & Helio Castroneves.

-Ryan Hunter-Reay attempting back-to-back.

Youngest Winner
Current Record: Troy Ruttman 22 years, 80 days
Joe Dawson 22 years, 318 days
Frank Lockhart 23 years, 53 days
Louis Meyer 23 years, 315 days

-Sage Karam would be 20 years, 81 days
-Gabby Chaves would be 21 years 322 days
-Carlos Munoz would be 23 years, 143 days
-Conor Daly would be 23 years 161 days

Most ROY Winners In Field
Current Record: 8 - 1990, 2014

-Munoz, Hildebrand, De Silvestro, Tagliani, Hunter-Reay, Andretti, Castroneves & Montoya all starting would tie record.

Rookie Winners
Current Record: 9-times
(Ray Harroun '11, Jules Goux '13, René Thomas '14, Frank Lockhart '26, George Souders '27, Louis Meyer '28, Graham Hill '66, Juan Pablo Montoya '00, Helio Castroneves '01)

-Stefano Coletti, Gabby Chaves, are looking to become the 10th.

Fewest Rookies

Record: 1: 1939, 1979

-Would tie 1941 and 2007 for 3rd fewest of all-time with 2.

Starting Drivers
756 drivers have started in the Indianapolis 500:
-Stefano Coleti and Gabby Chaves are attempting to become the 757th and 758th starters.

Engine Wins
Current Record: Offenhauser - 27
Miller - 12
Cosworth - 10

-Honda going for 11th win, would break their tie for 3rd all-time with Cosworth.
-Chevrolet going for 9th win, would break their tie for 5th all-time with Ford.

First Win By Country
A win by any of the following drivers would be their country's first:

-Stefano Colleti - Monaco
-Will Power - Australia
-Ryan Briscoe - Australia
-James Davison - Australia
-Takuma Sato - Japan
-Oriol Servia - Spain
-Simona De Silvestro - Switzerland

First Win From Position
A win by and of the following drivers would be the first from that starting position:

18th - Simonda De Silvestro
23rd - Townsend Bell
24th - Takuma Sato
26th - Gabby Chaves
29th - Stefano Coletti
30th - Bryan Clauson
31st - Ryan Briscoe
32nd - Tristan Vautier
33rd - James Davison
First Win For Car Number
A win by any of the following car numbers would be the first in history:

-No. 18 Tristan Vautier
-No. 19 James Davison
-No. 22 Simon Pagenaud
-No. 29 Simona De Silvestro
-No. 41 Jack Hawksworth
-No. 43 Conor Daly
-No. 63 Pippa Mann
-No. 67 Josef Newgarden
-No. 83 Charlie Kimball
-No. 88 Bryan Clauson

Win By Entrant
Record: Roger Penske with 15

-Roger Penske would expand is lead to 16.
-Chip Ganassi would break his tie with Lou Moore for 2nd all-time with 6.
-Michael Andretti would break his tie with Pat Patrick, Bob Wilke and Mike Boyle with 3 to become 4th all-time with 4.

-A.J. Foyt would break his tie with McLaren, Jones, Thompson, Salih, Zink, Keck, Hartz and the Duesenberg Brother for 5th to tie for 4th all-time

Current Record: Rick Mears - 6

-Scott Dixon tied Ralph DePalma, Jimmy Murphy, Leon Duray, Bill Cummings, Duke Nalon, Eddie Sachs, Parnelli Jones, Bobby Unser, Scott Brayton and Ed Carpenter with 2, tied for 9th all-time.

Pole Winning Team Owners
Current Record: Roger Penske - 17

-Chip Ganassi broke the tie with McLaren, Menard, Agajanian and Foyt to Tie Mike Boyle and Al Dean with 4 wins, 2nd all-time.

Fastest Race Lap
Current Record: Emerson Fittipaldi - 4 (1951-Present)
-Tony Kanaan can tie for most career races with the quickest race lap (4).
-Marco Andretti can tie Tony Kanaan, Bill Vukovich, Rick Mears, Gordon Johncock and Parnelli Jones with three career fastest race laps (3).

Races Led
Current Record: 1 - A.J. Foyt - 13
2 - Al Unser - 11
2 - Mario Andretti - 11

-Tony Kanaan would tie Mario Andretti and Al Unser for 2nd all-time with 11.
-Scott Dixon would tie Bobby Unser (& Kanaan if he doesn't lead) for 4th/5th all-time with 10.

Career Laps Led
Current Record: Al Unser Sr. 644
Ralph DePalma 612
Mario Andretti 556
A.J. Foyt 555

Scott Dixon
Currently 13th w/350

61 to pass Billy Arnold for 12th
80 to pass Rick Mears for 11th
82 to pass Michael Andretti for 10th
91 to pass Bobby Unser for 9th
136 to pass Bill Vukovich for 8th
143 to pass Parnelli Jones for 7th
156 to pass Emerson Fittipaldi for 6th
159 to pass Wilbur Shaw for 5th

Tony Kanaan
Currently 23rd w/256

1 to pass Mauri Rose for 22nd
6 to pass Rodger Ward for 21st
11 to pass Rex Mays for 20th
41 to pass Johnny Rutherford for 19th
42 to pass Bill Holland for 18th
43 to pass Jim Clark for 17th
74 to pass Dario Franchitti for 16th
77 to pass Louis Meyer for 15th
84 to pass Gordon Johncock for  14th
*ACTIVE*95 to pass Scott Dixon for 13th*ACTIVE*
155 pass Billy Arnold for 12th
174 to pass Rick Mears for 11th
176 to pass Michael Andretti for 10th
185 to pass Bobby Unser for 9th

Helio Castroneves
Currently 20th w/270

27 to pass Johnny Rutherford for 19th
28 to pass Bill Holland for 18th
29 to pass Jim Clark for 17th
60 to pass Dario Franchitti for 16th
63 to pass Louis Meyer for 15th
70 to pass Gordon Johncock for  14th
*ACTIVE*80 to pass Scott Dixon for 13th*ACTIVE*
141 pass Billy Arnold for 12th
160 to pass Rick Mears for 11th
162 to pass Michael Andretti for 10th
170 to pass Bobby Unser for 9th

Juan Pablo Montoya
Currently 32nd w/183

6 to pass Arie Luyendyk for 31st
23 to pass Frank Lockhart for 30th
26 to pass Tom Sneva for 29th
34 to pass Jimmy Bryan for 28th
36 to pass Tommy Milton for 27th
38 to pass Jimmy Murphy for 26th
52 to pass Dan Wheldon for 25th
*ACTIVE*74 to pass Tony Kanaan for 23rd*ACTIVE*
74 to pass Mauri Rose for 23nd
79 to pass Rodger Ward for 22nd
84 to pass Rex Mays for 21st
*ACTIVE*88 to pass Helio Castroneves for 20th*ACTIVE*
114 to pass Johnny Rutherford for 19th
115 to pass Bill Holland for 18th
116 to pass Jim Clark for 17th
147 to pass Dario Franchitti for 16th
150 to pass Louis Meyer for 15th
157 to pass Gordon Johncock for  14th
*ACTIVE*168 to pass Scott Dixon for 13th*ACTIVE*

Other Active Drivers
Marco Andretti 40th - 141 Laps Led
Ryan Hunter-Reay 70th - 82 Laps Led
Ed Carpenter 78th - 69 Laps Led
Will Power 99th - 43 Laps Led
Ryan Briscoe 116th - 31 Laps Led
Takuma Sato 116th - 31 Laps Led
Alex Tagliani 121st - 26 Laps Led
Oriol Servia 131st - 18 Laps Led
Carlos Munoz 145th - 12 Laps Led
Justin Wilson 148th - 11 Laps Led
JR Hildebrand 163rd - 7 Laps Led
Graham Rahal 166th - 6 Laps Led
James Jakes 168th - 5 Laps Led
Charlie Kimball 179th - 3 Laps Led
Townsend Bell 100th - 1 Lap Led

Career Laps Led Without A Win
Current Record: Michael Andretti: 431 (10th)
Rex Mays: 266 (20th)
Jimmy Snyder: 181 (32nd)
Tomas Scheckter 153 (37th)

Marco Andretti
Currently 5th w/141

13 to pass Tomas Scheckter for 4th
41 to pass Jimmy Snyder for 3rd
126 to pass Rex Mays for 2nd

Other Active Drivers
Ed Carpenter 20th w/69
Will Power 36th w/43
Ryan Briscoe 51st w/31
Takuma Sato 51st w/31
Alex Tagliani 56th w/26

Races Led
Current Record: A.J. Foyt - 13
Al Unser - 11
Mario Andretti - 11
Bobby Unser - 10
Tony Kanaan - 10

-Tony Kanaan would tie for 2nd with 11 races led.
-Scott Dixon would tie for 5th with 10 races led.
-Helio Castroneves would tie for 5th with 10 races led.

Career Starts
Current record: A.J Foyt - 35
Mario Andretti - 29
Al Unser - 27
Gordon Johncock - 24
Johnny Rutherford - 24

-Helio Castroneves going for 15th start, would tie 20th all-time.
-Tony Kanaan going for 14th start,would tie 28th all-time.
-Scott Dixon going for 13th start, would tie 36th all-time.
-Ed Carpenter going for 12th start, would tie 44th all-time
-Marco Andretti going for 10th start, would tie 57th all-time.

 Female Starts
Current Record: 9 - Sarah Fisher

-Simona De Silvestro would break her tie with Ana Beatriz for 4th all-time with 5.
-Pippa Mann would tie Ana Beatriz (& De Silvestro if she fails to qualify) for 5th all-time with 4.

Pit Stop Competition Wins
Current Record: 14 - Penske

-Penske expanded is lead to 15 wins.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Indianapolis 500 Carb Day

Carb Day's on-track activity kicked off at 11am with a 1-hour Verizon IndyCar Series practice. 1,195 incident free laps were turned by all 33 drivers on Sunday's Indianapolis 500 grid.

The Chevy's proved to be quick in race conditions, capturing 8 of the top 10 positions.

1 - Will Power - 229.020mph
2 - Scott Dixon - 228.585mph
3 - Tony Kanaan - 228.490mph
4 - Simon Pagenaud - 228.458mph
5 - Takuma Sato - 228.242mph
6 - Charlie Kimball - 227.811mph
7 - Sage Karam - 227.478mph
8 - JR Hildebrand - 227.199mph
9 - Gabby Chaves - 226.802mph
10 - Helio Castroneves - 226.674mph
11 - James Davison - 226.578mph
12 - Jack Hawksworth - 226.436mph
13 - Oriol Servia - 226.212mph
14 - Josef Newgarden - 226.030mph
15 - Juan Pablo Montoya - 226.022mph
16 - Alex Tagliani - 225.939mph
17 - Ed Carpenter - 225.697mph
18 - Tristan Vautier - 225.687mph
19 - Sebatian Saavedra -225.567mph
20 - Carlos Munoz - 225.360mph
21 - Conor Daly - 225.332mph
22 - Graham Rahal - 225.288mph
23 - Stefano Coletti - 224.837mph
24 - Marco Andretti - 224.737mph
25 - Sebastian Bourdais - 224.696mph
26 - Justin Wilson - 224.691mph
27 - Townsend Bell - 224.508mph
28 - James Jakes - 224.497mph
29 - De Silvestro - 224.405mph
30 - Ryan Briscoe - 224.005mph
31 - Ryan Hunter-Reay - 223.972mph
32 - Pippa Mann - 223.589mph
33 - Bryan Clauson - 222.098mph