Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Q&A With Analyst/Owner Robbie Buhl

(Photo courtesy of Indycar)

In 2004, after 2 wins and 78 Indycar starts including 8 Indianapolis 500's, Robbie Buhl retired from racing and began a career in team ownership. In 2007 Buhl made a move to the booth as T.V. analyst for the Firstone Indy Lights alongside Bob Jenkins.

Buhl who is still co-owner of Dreyer and Reinbold Racing, joined Bob Jenskins and Jon Beekhuis in the VERSUS booth for 12 of the 17 Indycar races in 2009.


16th And Georgetown: To date, it seems like the majority of fans are pleased with the job VERSUS has done. What kind of reactions have you gotten from fans?

Robbie Buhl: Fan reaction has been excellent and a lot of people have asked me for Jon Beekhuis' autograph.

16th And Georgetown: Do you feel like the move to the VERSUS booth has had any affect on the Dreyer & Reinbold Racing team?

Robbie Buhl: Yes, it has really brought out our competitiveness.

16th And Georgetown: Dreyer and Reinbold has ran 2, 3, and 4 cars in various races this season. Other than Indy, what is the ideal number of cars D&R would like to run week in and week out?

Robbie Buhl: Five. More chances for me to show that I am unaffected by extreme adversity.

16th And Georgetown: There's unfortunately been quite a few instances this year when you've been in the booth when one of the D&R cars makes contact. So far, you have done a tremendous job of calling the accident like it was just any other car. How difficult has it been to keep your cool under such frustrating circumstances?

Robbie Buhl: Not at all. Cause I'm just really that cool. And in denial.

16th And Georgetown: Once the month of May rolls around, do you ever feel the urge to jump back into a car for a final attempt at the Greatest Spectacle?

Robbie Buhl: I did once, but my wife put my manhood in a jar, so, no.

16th And Georgetown: You've started on the front row and have led the Indy 500, won the 92' Indy Lights Championship, and won the 24 hours of Daytona. Looking back on your career, what's your biggest accomplishment as a driver?

Robbie Buhl: Sitting between Bob and Jon each weekend and being on Versus…my manhood in a jar at home, where my wife can keep an eye on them.


Great, awesome, amazing interview. Robbie Buhl has just risen about 50 spots on the coolness meter.

Thanks, It was fun.

Not going to lie, I was expecting pretty strait forward, boaring answers. But they were far from boaring.

Aw bugger, I was all set to offer to have his babies because he's awesome but 1) he's married & 2) his manhood is in a jar.


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