Monday, May 25, 2009

500 Takes Toll On Drivers

According to the twitter savy Curt Cavin, after catching fire than flipping sideways and backwards Vitor Meira has suffered a broken L1 & L2 vertebrae, with plans are to skip surgery and to go with a back brace. Quatro could slide into the #14 Foyt Racing Dallara Milwaukee and possibly beyond.

Also in the Meira accident was rookie Raphael Matos. After gingerly climbing out of his Luczo Dragon ride and walking with help from the Delphi safety crew to the ambulance he was interviewed and seemed to be ok.

Tony Kanaan than twitted this morning:

"Rugh morning guys very,very sore. Just for back from the hospital need some
more X Rais tomorrow morning. I think I have some broken ribs"

It'll be interesting to see who's in what cars in Milwaukee. Best of luck to Vitor, Tony and all other drivers for a quick recovery.


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