Monday, May 25, 2009

Matos: Meira Out For Season

According to Raphael Matos' blog, Vitor Meira is out for the season. Saying:

  • "You've probably all seen the crash we had yesterday at the Indy 500. Vitor and I crashed on the entry into turn 1. I'm very disappointed and feel very bad that we didn't finish. I also feel bad that Vitor got hurt. He's my friend and I respect him a lot. I talked to him and his wife last night. My family didn't tell me that he had been taken to the hospital because they knew I would be upset. I called his phone later and his wife answered. She was on her way to the hospital and told me he was out for the year. That really hurt me. All the preparation we do and he's so dedicated, it's just very unfortunate. When I talked to Vitor he asked how I was feeling, I told him my knees hurt and I had a headache. We talked a little about what happened. I would never try to pass on outside of turn 1, not with less than 30 laps and with all the marbles. I'd never do that. He said he knew we were faster than him. I had passed him on the inside of turn 1 a little earlier so this time he wanted to hold the inside. I had a good run on him and was setting him up to pass him on the back straightaway. By the time we crashed I was off throttle, setting up the car for the back straight. It was really disappointing. We had done everything right up to the point of the second to last pit stop. I was trying to make up time and over shot my pit. That was probably my only mistake. The team had worked so hard all month and that is a tough way to end. Right now I'm bummed, but I hope in a couple days I will be able to put it all behind me and get ready for Milwaukee." -Raphael Matos

If it is indeed true that Vitor is out for the season, who will replace him for the remainder of the schedule?

  • A.J. Foyt IV-Quatro makes the most since. He raced for them in Indy and after all he is A.J.'s grandson.
  • Darren Manning-Raced for A.J. last year, but I'm not sure they left on the best of terms.
  • Tomas Scheckter-Very talented and without a ride. There were rumors of Tomas piloting a 3rd Foyt entry at Indy
  • Buddy Rice-He's talented and American, and that's what A.J. likes.


Don't forget Townsend Bell or Will Power -- although Power would admittedly be a longshot. He's "flown first-class" with Penske, and he may not be willing to go back to "coach" with Foyt's team.

They've got to put Anthony in the car!

I don't see Power running with Foyt and I think Bell will run a few more with KV

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