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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1995 Bump Day Video


  1. I only started watching open wheel racing in 2006 and don't know all the history, but I always thought Penske was a power house team. I am shocked to hear that Team Penske might not even get into the race. That is amazing!

    The next thing is the speeds! I watch 13 hours of qualifying last weekend on Versus and I am shocked that a speed of 224.9MPH in this video is commented as "the slowest car in the field". That would have captured the pole this year.

  2. In '94, Penske found the motherlode with a pushrod Illmor-Mercedes that produced a buttload of horsepower. For some reason, they didn't take into account that perhaps the stewards were going to kick them down a notch the next year and they were vastly underpowered. Suffice it to say the '95 500 was pretty odd with no red and white cars flying by.


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