- Byrd Brothers, with partner team KV Racing Technology, have announced a return to the Indianapolis 500 in 2015 with Bryan Clauson.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I only started watching open wheel racing in 2006 and don't know all the history, but I always thought Penske was a power house team. I am shocked to hear that Team Penske might not even get into the race. That is amazing!

The next thing is the speeds! I watch 13 hours of qualifying last weekend on Versus and I am shocked that a speed of 224.9MPH in this video is commented as "the slowest car in the field". That would have captured the pole this year.

In '94, Penske found the motherlode with a pushrod Illmor-Mercedes that produced a buttload of horsepower. For some reason, they didn't take into account that perhaps the stewards were going to kick them down a notch the next year and they were vastly underpowered. Suffice it to say the '95 500 was pretty odd with no red and white cars flying by.

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