Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scheckter To Conquest?

That's what Curt Cavin is reporting could happen this afternoon at the earliest.

I'm sure you know that Sunday I reported that Tomas would be driving the #98 3G ride if Stanton couldn't get it qualified on Sunday. I'm not sure what happened over the last couple day's, but I do know these facts:

Tomas Scheckter's helmet and seat were in the 3G garage sitting behind a curtain on Sunday morning. I was told by a source VERY close to the situation that Tomas was on stand by, and would be in the car this Thursday. What could have blocked the deal? Well Stanton is one of the 3G's and I'm not sure he knew about the Scheckter situation.

As you know anything can happen in the racing world. Stanton could be piloting a second Conquest car, jump in the 3G ride, be without a ride or could be driving for a completely different team come race day. I guess were all just going to have to wait and find out.


Scheckter is in with Conquest. I was told by a friend that works at the team this may, that the deal will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

Not Conquest.


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