Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scheckter With Coyne, Rice Close To Deal

Sunday he was going to drive for 3G, yesterday Cavin reported that he was likely with Conquest, now it appears he Tomas Sheckter has signed on with Dale Coyne Racing. According to Derek Daly, Tomas will turn his first laps of the month tomorrow in the #19 Dale Coyne Racing Dallara.

Word in the garage is that Buddy Rice either is close or already has sponsorship locked up to run the 500. But it won't matter how much money he has if he's not in Indy soon. Mabey Jeff can give him a lift to the airport.

UPDATE: I've gotten a couple e-mails regarding both topics.

First off I never said Rice had a done deal, but simply that he is working on one and that he is close with sponsorship.

I also recieved 2 messages asking me who Derek Daly was. Here's his bio, but from now on he'll probably be refered to as Connor's dad.


With all the talk this month about Scheckter I will believe it when I see him in the car and turning lap times

Looks like he is preparing to turn laps in the Coyne machine.

The car is painted and ready, Tomas name is on it, just as WISH-TV reported yesterday at 3pm.

And they got it right the first time. ;)

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