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Monday, March 23, 2009

Camara & Andretti Battle It Out In Indycar Bracketology

With the closest vote so far, Mike Conway will be moving on with just 52% of the vote. Who says 1 vote doesn't matter?


The next matchup is between:

Jaime Camara

Marco Andretti


  1. Again BOTH helmet designs look good. Marco's is clean & has carries racing history. I actually prefer the large blue stripe against the silver (as opposed to Mario & Michael's red stripe).

    Camara's checkered pattern is sweet, but the sponsor ring features a spike & then a blunt end... the mix looks wrong. Also, too much white IMO. Add green around the ring... & make the Brazilian colors work?

  2. Perhaps Jamie thinks TWO Brazilian flags will beat Marco's ONE USA flag? A yellow visor strip & the above mentioned green would help get rid of the extra white too.

  3. If Marco pulls this bracket out, we get an all-AGR fight next (Danica & Marco). I like Danica, but she has one of the ugliest helmets in OW.


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