Monday, March 23, 2009

Rahal & Power Faceoff In Round 2 Of IRL Helmet Bracketology

Congrats to Marco who won yesterdays matchup with 60% of the vote


The next matchup is:

Will Power
Graham Rahal

Congrats to Will Power who will be moving on with 71% of the vote

How is the U.S. Voting?


My word... can this end in a zero-zero TIE??????

Will Power's has lost it's Aussie soul (colors anyway?) & young Graham picked every bell & whistle in the helmet painters book! :( :( :(

Please tell me HTF Mr Rahal's helmet design beat Justin Wilson to advance to this round?

UGH! my eyes! AGH! the poor NHL pit crew's eyes!

Alabama has popped up on the voting map... this is a new state. Perhaps Mr. Rahal actually cast a vote for his helmet (after seeing that he was getting KILLED in the voting)?

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