Sunday, March 22, 2009

Conway & Mutoh Faceoff

Congrats to Dario Franchitti who blew out E.J. Viso with 81% of the vote despite E.J. having the sweetest looking name design in all of the world.


The next matchup is:

Hideki MutohMike Conway

Congrats to Mike Conway, who came away with a 4% win over last seasons ROY Hideki Mutoh


Both are nice designs, but personally I think the gold outline/ pin striping on Mutoh's helmet is cheesy & takes away from the livery

How do we see the map/ vote breakdown once the voting is done?

uuuuuuu...... don't know....working on it......

WOW! Conway won by ONE vote? I think he should have a bigger win against Ryan Briscoe (who has replaced his Aussie colors with Penske Racing colors & made his helmet a Helio clone (& a big corporate bore)

But 1st we get Power vs. Rahal?

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