Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2,000 Megapixel Image From The Indianapolis 500

If you've been following this site over the last several weeks you've probably seen one of the couple thousand megapixel images that I've posted. One from the Indianapolis 500 Public Drivers Meeting can be viewed HERE, an image from the INDYCAR Grand Prix can be seen HERE and a giant photo from a test at IMS can be viewed HERE.

Being the largest attended sporting event in the world, I was super excited to try out the technique at last Sunday's Indianapolis 500. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure an ideal location to get the most out of the large photo. But, I still think it's pretty cool.

To explore the image, just click the '+' and '-' buttons in the upper right corner. The diagonal arrows will expand full screen, while the circle arrow will pull the image back to it's home position. I highly recommend going full screen!


Awesome picture! Did you happen to take any others, especially from the other side of the pagoda? I'd love to try and find mysef in the crowd

Hi folks
Great stuff but the 'full screen' button doesn't work for me??

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