Saturday, May 16, 2015

Daly Experiments With Wing

Late in Fast Friday's practice session, the No. 43 entry of Conor Daly was sitting on pit lane with a rear wing unlike the previously announced 'swan neck' design. After much discussion between the team and INDYCAR officials, Daly ran a few laps with the wing before pitting for the day.

According to Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, it was 'just an option they were exploring'.

The piece is a 2012-2014 Dallara rear wing assembly, which according to INDYCAR, is a piece that can be used interchangeably with both the Honda and Chevy aero kits.

Walking Gasoline Alley prior to practice, Daly's garage had what appears to be the same wing mainplane with a camera mount attached rather than the end fences.

If a team were to use the old Dallara wing, they would be able to change to the standard manufacturer wing for the race.


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