Thursday, April 22, 2010

NHL Renamed

UPDATE 4-23 3:02am: Mike Lanigan has been removed from the Newman/Haas Website

It has been announced late Thursday night that Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing has been renamed. Beginning immediately the team will be known as Newman/Haas Racing.

When asked if the 'L' in NHL, Mike Lanigan, has left the organization a team rep responded with only:
"Our team name has returned to Newman/Haas Racing. I am not at liberty to


This team is a complete mess. Its future is in serious doubt.

I wish Eddie Wachs could get involved somehow and take over this team. It would also give the series another American driver, which it desperately could use.

I bet Lanigan is po'ed. He thought he was going to get the team when PLN passed. Carl Haas hasn't done anything for that team in ten years.

I hope Mike lanigan starts his own team cause Carl is no spring chicken

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