Monday, March 15, 2010


Direct TV has announced that they and VERSUS have come to an agreement. Starting no later than 7pm est. tonight VERSUS can be seen on the same packages that they were on last August when the two split, on channel 603.

"I would like to thank Derek Chang (executive vice president of content strategy and development of DIRECTV) along with Jamie Davis (VERSUS president) for working diligently to getting this deal done. Everyone wins - DIRECTV, VERSUS and most importantly the fans of the Indy Racing League." - IRL CEO, Randy Bernard

"We are pleased that both sides were able to work out a satisfactory deal to bring this programming back to our customers," - DirectTV executive vice president of Content Strategy and Developlment, Derek Chang

"We're excited that we were able to come to a fair agreement that puts VERSUS back in millions of homes with DIRECTV in time for our busy spring programming schedule. We look forward to super-serving these fans with NHL regular-season and playoff coverage, our first live UFC event and much more." - President of VERSUS Jamie Davis


this is great news. This can only help indycar get more exposure. I feel that this was a must happen and i am glad the two sides could finally agree.

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