Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Q&A With Jonathan Summerton

16th And Georgetown: Piloting a Firestone Indy Lights car, you made your first start at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway running in the Freedom 100 last season. What are your thoughts on your first run on the 2.5 mile Superspeedway?

Jonathan Summerton: It was awesome! The track is a lot of fun and well to race on you actually have to work with your tools in the car every lap. It was an amazing time and amazing fans.

16th And Georgetown: This past May was your first time experiencing the Indianapolis 500 live in person. Do you see yourself running in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing anytime soon?

Jonathan Summerton: I really hope so. I would love to and be honored to race in this race and be representing America in it. I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere and well what a spectacle of people.

16th And Georgetown: It's been widely rumored that you are on the short list of possible drivers for the newly formed USF1 team. If a 2010 F1 seat doesn't come to be, what are your backup plans?

Jonathan Summerton: Well I don't really know all I do know is I have my eyes set on doing the INDY 500 and doing F2 in Europe as I feel I need to head back to Europe to get my foot in the door for F1 and also represent America well in Europe.

16th And Georgetown: In your off time you often run the 2-seater and lead car for the Indy Racing Experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway. Not a bad gig, no?

Jonathan Summerton: Well it has been picking up slowly and well it is a lot of fun giving people the thrill of experiencing a real race car. The biggest thing is at the moment now the weather in Florida makes it the perfect time of year to come visit the Indy Experience and experience it at it's best. It's so nice to see people get out of the car with a smile on their face.

16th And Georgetown: With a 2nd place finish at St. Pete in the Firestone Indy Lights, 5 poles and 4 wins on your way to a 2nd place finish in a close fight for the Atlantic Championship with teammate John Edwards, 2009 seemed to be a pretty productive year. What are a few or yourhighlights from the '09 season?

Jonathan Summerton: Well it was definitely the hardest and most stressful season ever as I raced for 3 teams in 2 series. I mean With Andersen if we would have been able to continue I feel we could have won the championship and same with Genoa. It was an all around fun season. I can't thank Genoa, Anderson, and NWR enough for their support. My best moment though would have to be my weekend at Mosport where we were fastest every session. It was a great weekend but actually all of my races were fun this season and a great challenge. But most of all it was best to put on a show for the fans. For me my Fans are the most important thing to me!


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