Thursday, November 5, 2009

New IZOD Indy Clothing Line

UPDATE: Some of the new shirts are now available HERE

UPDATE: The line will be available in stores in March of 2010

Last season IZOD and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway/IZOD Indycar Series teamed up to produce an unprecedented clothing line. Now with the Title sponsorship announcement, IZOD is getting ready to role out the new Spring 2010 line. Here's a sneak peak:
1961 Bowes Seal Fast Car (A.J. Foyt)
1961 Bowes Seal Fast Car (A.J. Foyt)
1911 Marmon "Wasp" (Ray Harroun)
1972 Sunoco Car (Mark Donohue)
1948 Novi (Duke Nalon)
1953 & 54 Fuel Injection (Bill Vukovich)
1939 & '40 Boyle (Wilbur Shaw)
1968 Ristone (Bobby Unser)
Womans Indy Polo
Womans Indy Tee


Dude, seriously? Those shirts are awesome. Looks like there's seven men's for every day of the week? I know what I'm asking for for Christmas.

One word, 'Badass'! Love them already.

Time for me to get my chassis less "Watson" and more "Lola" to dare put a few of these on. Pole Day is only 6 months away, no time like the present...

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