Thursday, November 5, 2009

New IZOD Indy Clothing Line

UPDATE: Some of the new shirts are now available HERE

UPDATE: The line will be available in stores in March of 2010

Last season IZOD and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway/IZOD Indycar Series teamed up to produce an unprecedented clothing line. Now with the Title sponsorship announcement, IZOD is getting ready to role out the new Spring 2010 line. Here's a sneak peak:
1961 Bowes Seal Fast Car (A.J. Foyt)
1961 Bowes Seal Fast Car (A.J. Foyt)
1911 Marmon "Wasp" (Ray Harroun)
1972 Sunoco Car (Mark Donohue)
1948 Novi (Duke Nalon)
1953 & 54 Fuel Injection (Bill Vukovich)
1939 & '40 Boyle (Wilbur Shaw)
1968 Ristone (Bobby Unser)
Womans Indy Polo
Womans Indy Tee


Dude, seriously? Those shirts are awesome. Looks like there's seven men's shirts...one for every day of the week? I know what I'm asking for for Christmas.

One word, 'Badass'! Love them already.

Time for me to get my chassis less "Watson" and more "Lola" to dare put a few of these on. Pole Day is only 6 months away, no time like the present...

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