Thursday, November 19, 2009

16th And Georgetown Coming To An End

Today is a very sad day for some, but a very exciting day for others, 16th And Georgetown will soon be no more. No, you haven't gotten rid of me that easy. Today ground was broke in Speedway on the $500 Million revitalization plan. The 400 acre project began today with the $6.7 Million Main street reconstruction and should be finished by May of 2011.

This summer the renovation of 16th And Georgetown will begin, with the checkered flag dropping on the project by November of 2011. They are slated to close Georgetown road between 25th and 16th streets and develop a park between the track and neighboring homes. A round-about will be built near the current 16th&G-town intersection, redirecting 16th street traffic southeast before another round-about will direct traffic northeast and back onto the current path.
New entrance, just outside of Turn 1

Outhside of Turn 4, 25th strret re-routing

16th Street/Holt Rd. round-about, looking north east. T2 can be seen in the upper left portion of the photo.


That's Turn 2 in that last photo, and that building is what is supposed tobe the site for a new hotel, if IMS should choose to build it.

I am a big fan of the majority of this project, though there is a plan to extend Holt Rd. on the east side of the golf course that will severely affect a lot of homeowners...I hope they can find a way around that...

3rd picture ... wouldn't that be T2, as you're looking from the oil field towards Brickyard Crossing?

David & H.B.,

Thanks for the heads up, fixed. (Brain Fart)

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