Monday, August 10, 2009

The Great Port-O-Let Mystery Solved

Remember the Season opener, when Danica and Rapha got together nearly tipping over a Port-O-Let? Well, the great mystery of "who was in it?" has finally been solved. The smelly box was occupied by no other than the President of IZOD!!

When asked about the situation, Danica's Dad, T.J. told this story:

We where at dinner after the race in Toronto, and in walks Ryan Hunter-Reay with a few guys, as he is introducing Danica to the President of IZOD, he mentioned that he was the one in the port-o-let during the wreck in St. Pete. He had just got out and shut the door as it happened!!!! It got him just a little wet....It was the Pres. of IZOD -T.J. Patrick


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