Monday, August 3, 2009

Doornbos Out At NHL

According to Robin Miller, Robert Doornbos has decided to part ways with Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing. Now that the original 12 race deal is over, NHL reportedly approached Bobby D. about extending the contract, but he declined.

"We had the option to leave the team after 12 races which I made use of. I want to stay in IndyCar Series and I will announce my future plans very soon. I like to thank the team and especially Mike Lanigan and Carl Haas. I wish them a bright future. " -Robert Doornbos

It's no secret that the two NHL drivers had problems with one another. In fact Doornbos had this to say after this past weekends race in Sparta, Kentucky:
“I had a great start; I was on it. Then my teammate cut me off going into
Turn 1 and I had to check up and a couple of cars passed me.

If Doornbos plans to continue his IRL career, the natural stepping stone would come in the form of HVM Racing. When I reached out to HVM for comment earlier in the day on the possibility of Doornbos driving for HVM, they responded saying:
"Sorry, no, I cannot confirm that"

It's still unclear as to the plans for the #06 NHL car. But with just 5 races remaining, they need to compete in just 2 more races to receive half of the IRL's TEAM money and just 5 more to receive the full 1.2 million dollars.

Possible replacements:
  • Paul Tracy
  • Oriol Servia
  • Buddy Rice
  • Bruno Junqueira
  • Sebastian Bourdais
  • Alex Lloyd
  • Townsend Bell


How can you possibly leave Townsend Bell off this list of replacements! He is the highest 2009 Indy 500 finisher without a ride right now. I think Townsend would be a GREAT fit.


I absolutely completely agree..adding him now.

I'm one of the biggest T. Bell fans you'll find. For sure one of the most underated drivers in the last 5-10yrs.

Nice catch.

Boo hoo. Poor Bobby D. I guess he can take his Daddy's money and go buy a ride somewhere else.

Sorry, but it's hard to feel sorry for the guy with a list of so many talented, hungry drivers going without a ride right now.

The biggest problem facing N/H/L is choosing which driver to put in the car.

I wish I had a rich daddy too...

Servia will run the next 2 parades at Mid Ohio and Sears Point in the zero-six car and look for Alex Lloyd to be in the car for the 3 ovals (Chicago, Motegi and Homestead).

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