Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wheldon Out At Panther??

In Robin Miller's recent Q&A mailbag, he had this answer replying to a question about Dan Wheldon:

First off, do you really think he left Ganassi? Chip had a verbal commitment from Kanaan before he did a 180 and then Dario got the seat. Wheldon didn't have many options, not to get paid what he's making, but now I understand he wants out of Panther as quickly as possible. I asked him a couple weeks ago about going back to AGR and he just smiled and said he had a contract with Panther. But his agents were in Toronto and there's been talk of missed payments and some heated conversations so I'd say he's out of that ride regardless of what happens in the next couple months. It's puzzling he's so good on ovals and struggles so much on the road courses he grew up on. But it doesn't look like there's much out there for 2010.

Will Panther go crawling back to Vitor? If so, will Quatro get the #14 ride?

Let the silly season begin!!


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