Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Q&A With Robbie Floyd

16th And Georgetown: Now that were about half way through the 2009 season, what's been your favorite moment?

Robbie Floyd: It may sound cheesy, but seeing Helio at Long Beach. Everybody had their thoughts on what would happen with his trial. But for him to be in Long Beach around the the people that really care about him, and that he cares about was special. A day earlier his life was in the juries hands. I can't even fathom what that must have felt like. But when you saw the emotion that he had after being acquitted, it was real.

16th And Georgetown: How was your first Month of May in Indianapolis? Was it what you expected?

Robbie Floyd: At the time when you looked at our on-air schedule it seemed like the month would last forever. The week after the race it felt like it flew by. With the amount of time we were on each day covering qualifying, you could have showed more than two full NFL games. Six and a half hours is a long rip on live TV, but the fans that came up to me during and afterwards seemed to appreciate it. Was Indy what I expected? Absolutely. I have been to several Olympics and new that Indy would be on that level for the motorsports world. Everyone who is a racing fan needs to go at least once in their lives, and if you do make it, you'll want to go back again.

16th And Georgetown: Unfortunately VERSUS doesn't televise every race.C2 So, what kind of homework do you have to do on the off weeks to help prepare for your next race weekend?

Robbie Floyd: Read as much as I can, but also watch the ESPN shows that I recorded. That is an awkward part of us not covering every race. You don't want to lose touch of what happened during the race before. Then when I do arrive at our next race I try and ask the drivers all of the questions that I wanted answered. All of the drivers and crews know the situation we are working with, and have been very helpful.

16th And Georgetown: You've worked for several networks and have covered both the Summer and Winter Olympics, Bull Riding, Supercross, Motocross, freestyle skiing, and the Bassmaster Classic among others. Is there anything you couldn't cover?

Robbie Floyd: In one word, NO. I hope not at least. I came from a racing background and I really enjoy finish lines. There is nothing to be judged except who crosses the line first. It is pretty exciting covering a variety of sports though. An athlete is an athlete, and I have so much respect for everything that each one does in there respective sport.


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