Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Push To Pass To Be Implemented For Kentucky & Beyond

Curt Cavin of Indianapolis Star fame is reporting that the Indycar Series will implemented a push to pass system for the remainder of the 2009 season.

The system will include:

  • 20 uses per race

  • Additional 5-20 Horse Power per use depending on fuel mixture

  • Will last 12 seconds

  • Mandated 10 seconds of down time between uses

The push to pass option should be very interesting this weekend, with the boost lasting 12 seconds and a complete lap at KMS lasting about 24 seconds.

As I reported 5 weeks ago, Honda has been testing the system with strong results.

"If you're on the rich side, you get 5 horsepower because the engine already is producing close to its maximum, where you can get up to 20 horsepower if you're running lean. It's to provide the driver, if they're already making a passing maneuver, an additional tool to complete the pass. It provides the teams options which they have to choose how they're going to run the race so it brings more strategy from a team aspect." -IRL Senior Tech Director Les Mactaggart


So...if you're almost out of uses...do you go around the track picking up coins for more time? Enough of this Nintendo'y crap...so hokey.

In truth, it's really only a 5 HP gain over peak horsepower. How big the difference is between you and the car you're trying to pass depends on what the other guy's fuel mixture setting is, not yours.

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