Friday, June 5, 2009

Introducing Tony Donohue

Although not quite a year old (June 22), 16th And Georgetown is growing. After crunching the numbers I figured that by the implementation of the new Indycar formula in 20011/12 it'll be a multi gazillion dollar business.

With growth comes improvement, so were bringing on another writer, Tony Donohue. Tony will be in charge of a new series entitled "Where are they now". The articles will document a long lost Indycar driver, describing what they did in the car and what there doing now. The series premier will be posted later today and will be featuring Robby McGehee. Tony will also jump in every once in a while as he did yesterday and write about general Indycar news.

A little about Tony:

My name is Tony Donohue, I just finished up my two year schooling at Vincennes University, where I majored in Journalism. I have grown up around the speedway, I have attended every Indy 500 since 1993. I have written for Tomas Scheckters website in the past, and still help out with publication items for him. I would love to be a pit reporter some time down the line for the Indy Car Series. I currently produce Indiana Sports Talk at ESPN 1070 The Fan in a part time role. I attend Milwaukee, Iowa, Kentucky and Chicagoland as well as the 500 annually.


i have seen tony and his father around the speedway for 15 years and i think it is great that you are giving a true young indycar fan a chance to let us know what is going in the world of indy car series from his young fresh point of view . congradulations tony your friend danica who .

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