Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pink Car, Pink Suits, Pink Hair??

Over the last month Ganassi/Sam Schmidt driver Alex Lloyd has been put through a lot. I've noticed on more than one occasion other teams whistling at the #99 driver and crew while walking Gasoline Alley. Even his PR guy got in on the jostling.

The team doesn't seem to mind, infact there even taking it to another level. For every $10,000 that is pledged to the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation one crew member will dye there hair pink for raceday.

“Well, we have pink suits and a pink car, so we may as well go all the way and dye our hair pink. We’ve gotten a lot of attention with our program this month, and we felt we should center some of that positive attention towards a good cause.” -Sam Schmidt

“Running the pink HER car, I think it’d be great to have crew with pink hair as well. The donations would go towards a great cause, and the benefits would be huge. Plus, it’ll be a lot of fun for everyone involved.” -Alex Lloyd

To pledge you can contact Zach Wenzel by phone at (815) 541-6540 or by e-mail at


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