Thursday, April 23, 2009

VERSUS Opens It Up To The Fans

A couple weeks ago I published the Month of May VERSUS television schedule with which they will air nearly 40 hours of coverage.Notice the Thursday, May 21st plans (in which I artfully highlighted), titled Top 10 Indianapolis 500 moments. Well, VERSUS is opening it up to the fans. You can vote on what you think are the top moments in the history of the greatest spectacle, and stay tuned to VERSUS to see if your favorites made the cut.


I just hope that they aren't limited to the IRL 500's like everything else seems to be.

They are NOT! In fact, they only have a few after 1996 (Helio climbing the fence, Hornish passing Andretti, Danica leading). There are really some fantastic moments on there and some of the greatest battles in the history of the race are represented. I wish there was a write-in, though, because they missed one of my all-time faves: De Palma pushing his Benz down the front stretch as Joe Dawson unlapped himself for the win in 1912. If I had a time machine, I'd go back and watch that 500.

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