Friday, April 10, 2009

Helio Trial Update

Closing arguments continue in a Miami courtroom today in Helio Castroneves' tax evasion trial. The jury deliberation could begin as early as today, with a decision shortly there after.

UPDATE 1:25: Closing arguments have concluded. The 12 person jury could take an hour, a day, or a week. Stay tuned........

UPDATE: 1:58: The Jury has begun deliberation, the verdict can come anytime now. I'm no lawyer, and in fact have only been in a court room once (6th grade field trip), but I could easily see a verdict today because if I were on the jury, I wouldn't want the trial to go into another week....

UPDATE 4:26: The jury has adjurned and will come back on Monday.


This will be big news at the Long Beach GP. Either way, there will be more press at the LBGP then usual, and will probably boost the TV numbers a bit.

I'm hoping to see 3 Penske cars from LB on.

A quick verdict would go in the direction of acquittal, I think.

Fingers crossed hands over my eyes please let Helio be back in the drivers seat come race weekened

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