Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Do Danica Patrick, Michael Vick, A-Rod, Pacman, & John Daly Have In Common?

  1. Michael Vick
  2. Alex Rodriguez
  3. Barry Bonds/Roger Clemens
  4. John Daly
  5. Danica Patrick
  6. This years #1 NFL draft pick
  7. Adam "Pacman" Jones
  8. Marion Jones
  9. Sean Avery
  10. Tracy McGrady

Do you know what that is? Well according to FOX Sports, it's the top 10 athletes you don't want to be, and this is what they had to say about her:

"Danica Patrick is an extremely talented race car driver, among the best
open wheelers in the world today. But she'll never get the recognition for it.
Danica makes news when she poses in a swimsuit mag, or dishes for Maxim, or gets in a catfight on pit row with another female driver. Patrick is deserving of our
utmost appreciation as an athlete. All she gets is attention for her looks. It
can't be an easy plight for a dedicated sportswoman." -Fox Sports

Come on, that can not be a serious list!!! Can it? I mean, look who's on it:

Michael Vick, he's sitting in a Federal Prison right now, and when he gets out one of the only teams that might be interested in him returning is the Raiders, and quite frankly I think I'd rather be in Jail.

John Daly, he has had drinking and gambling problems for a while now, and just last October he was arrested outside of a Hooters, need I say more?

Marion Jones, she just got done spending 6 months is prison, plus she had to give up her 5 Olympic medals, OUCH.

Now there's Danica Patrick, she's young, she's driving for one of the best teams in the IRL and has all kinds of Endorsements. She just got done posing for SI for the 2nd year in a row and is the Indycar Series most popular driver 4 years running......... I think she'll be alright.


WTF!!!! how can you not want to be Danica? if RHR, PT, Servia, Allmendigner, Kapvil, and so many others are unemployed in racing, and you have a top team, no legal trouble, and lots of money, why wouldn't you want to be her.

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