Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hunter-Reay's Car Unveiled

(Photo courtesy of Vision Racing)

Although no announcement has been made, the TBA spot for Vision on the St. Pete entry list is going to Ryan Hunter-Reay, but I kind of expected IZOD to be displayed a little more prominently.

The use of the #21 seems a little weird to me, they didn't use Quatros #2, and the #37 which was prominent in the IZOD ads remains unused, just seems a little odd. In regards to Foyt's #2, Ed Carpenter left the possibility open for Vision adding a 3rd car later in the season while doing an interview in Indy for one of the local T.V. stations.


Two fashion companies mixing @ Vision (IZOD & William Rast)???

Plus, IMO the red doesn't help what seems to be a carryover Matte Olive Green/ William Rast scheme. T.Bell's car was trimmed in orange & looked much better against the army-ish shade of green.

I believe William Rast is now a league sponsor. They will probably be on all cars like Argent and Peak.

The race car & the #37 looked like an afterthought in the IZOD commercial. The car featured no unique paint scheme & to be brutal, looked like the ethanol car after repairing crash damage. Borrowing back up bodywork from rival teams.

The TV car had lime green, sky blue, black, & then IZOD added red & white? They are marketing this big new concept they are a men's fashion company & they can't spring for a graphics rap of the RLR car?

I'm glad RHR is employed, but I'm just sayin'!

Perhaps... but look where Peak is + its monochromatic.

WR is in a prominent spot on the #21 & its corporate color scheme is featured on an IZOD car. Just odd to me

Also Penske ain't gonna sport a William Rast decal on their cars (longtime Hugo Boss sponsorship)

Funny. A team named VISION with no design VISION.


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