Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Could You Do With The Superbowl Commercial Revenue

There will be 69 commercials shown during the Superbowl on Sunday night. With NBC charging a rather "reasonable" 3 millon bucks for a 30 second time slot, bringing in a total of 207 million dollars. So.... you may be asking yourself, what could I do with 207 million? Well heres a few ideas:

  • Become top tier primary sponsor on 29 full season well funded Indycars
  • Purchase 117,714,286 gallons of AMERICAN ethanol
  • Pay for 5.15 million people to attend all 4 days of Indy Qualifying
  • Buy 4,577,777 Indycar 2008'Greenlight Diecasts
  • Give $800.54 to every person in attendence to a sold out Indianapolis 500
  • Pay out the entire purse of every Indy 500 from 1911-2006
  • Purchase 8,280 Mini Borg Warner trophies

By the way Cardinals 24, Steelers 17


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