Sunday, February 8, 2009

John Andretti Close To Indy 500 Ride

While John Andretti was talking about his ride for next weeks race on his weekly central Indiana radio show on WIBC, it came out that he is close to a deal to run the 2009 Indy 500. After handing the phone over to Todd Whitworth President and CEO of Window World speaking of the Indy 500 he was quoted saying:

  • "We are definitely, definitely close to getting that put together, we want to be at Indy in a big big way. I went to my first Indy last year, John took us out there, it was an incredible experience, and I can tell you we definitely want to see a Window World car going around Indianapolis"


I've always been a big John Andretti fan, despite his often dissapointing results. No one can deny his grasp of Indy, though, for whatever reason he has always run well there no matter the equipment. I love having an underdog to pull for, and he's always been a class act. Best of luck, John, I hope this deal goes through!

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