Thursday, May 16, 2013

Conor Daly Crashes In Turn 1

Rookie Conor Daly became victim to the first incident of the month at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during practice for the Indianapolis 500.

Daly was turning his 43rd lap of the day when sliding up into the Turn 1 wall making hard contact with the SAFER Barrier before turning up onto it's side and landing back right side up. The #41 car sustained expensive right side damage.

 “We had just made a change on the springs in the rear," said Daly. "For me, I felt comfortable the whole time. It's all been reasonably good. I was just trying to experience a little bit more with the car, and there was a car in front and me. The wind, it feels like it's been gusting more, and the rear was leaning hard on the outside tire, and it just kind of folded over on itself. I just lost it. Just not good.”

The 21-year-old Indiana native was checked, cleared, and released from the infield care center and has been cleared to drive.


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