Saturday, July 16, 2011

O2 Racing Technology Appeal Denied

2-weeks after the suspension of O2 Racing Technology and owner Mark Olson by INDYCAR through the end of 2012, the ruling was upheld Friday.

Accused of violating multiple rules when they, according to INDYCAR, attempted "to impede the conduct of the event by encouraging others to breach contracts with INDYCAR and withdraw from the David Hobbs 100." O2 Racing Technology withdrew from the Milwaukee Firestone Indy Lights event following their accusation that INDYCAR's FIL Tech team had allowed cars on track knowingly with illegal setups.

Team owner Mark Olson denied the allegations that he violated rules following the announcement of the suspension on June 29th, saying in part, "We did participate in public and private discussions with INDYCAR officials, team owners and drivers with regard to the integrity of the championship, but we never once encouraged or even suggested to anyone that they withdraw from an event."

Both O2 Racing and Mark Olson's appeal, which was filed July 5th, to the suspension was heard by Firestone Indy Lights Race Director Tony Cotman on Thursday, July 14th in Indianapolis. The following day INDYCAR announced that the ruling will be upheld and the suspension will stand.


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