Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2012 Concept Car Unveiled

Unveiled live on today's edition of VERSUS' IndyCar Open-Wheel Weekly, pictures of the 2012 concept design for both a road/street courses and oval package were finally shown to the masses.

Keep in mind, the designs are just concepts to show what can be done and not the actual car that'll be on track next season.

Potential oval package....

Potential road & street course package....

More photos will be posted....


Love 'em. Now here's hoping the owners don't keep trying to sabotage plans for multiple kit makers. So excited to see what could be done with the 2012 setup.

I notice the engine cowlings have "Lotus" on them. Are we seeing Lotus designs?

No, notice that both Honda and Chevy are represented as well. Just showing off the 2012 engine suppliers.

The designs are just concepts to show what is legal under the new rules, yet can still look very different.

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