Monday, March 7, 2011

26 Car Cap At Most Races

The IZOD IndyCar Series announced today that the majority of the 2011 races will be capped at 26 cars. With the exception of Indianapolis and the season ending $5 Million challenge at Las Vegas, the quickest 24 cars in qualifying will take the green flag along with 2 provisional entries if needed.

Following qualifications, the final two provisional positions will be given to the first two drivers fitting the following criteria that did not qualify in the top 24:

  1. 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series champion driver.
  2. 2009 IZOD IndyCar Series champion driver.
  3. 2010 Indianapolis 500 champion driver.
  4. Highest-ranking driver among the current top-22 driver point standings prior to race weekend.
  5. Leader Circle entry with the best practice lap time at the event, as deemed acceptable by INDYCAR.
  6. Entry with next best qualifying lap time, as deemed acceptable by INDYCAR.
Indianapolis 500 qualifying will not include provisionals and will be conducted in a similar manner to 2010. Provisional positions will not be available in Sao Paulo and Motegi, allowing the fastest 26 cars in qualifying to start the race. The 26 car cap will expand to 30 for Las Vegas with the two provisionals, however the five $5 Million challengers are not guaranteed a starting position.


Oh no here we go :( I understand the cap on oversea races but the other i do not. dont like provisionals at all.Really doesnt mean the best and fastest then if u let cars in on provisionals.This rule doesnt make new teams wanting to tear down the door to get in.

Maybe we can cap race directors at zero.

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