Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Viso Cleared

E.J. Viso, who crashed yesterday with just a few minutes left in practice has been cleared to drive. After backing into the turn 1 wall and sliding down the short chute, Viso was transported by ground to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis complaining of back pain. The 25-year-old veteran was released late Tuesday night after the X-Ray and MRI tests were negative and being examined by Dr. Terry Trammell.

In a press conference today, E.J. confirmed that he's been cleared to drive by the IMS medical staff and expects to make a return to the track later today in his backup car.

When asked what happend Viso responded with "I was just driving into corner one, I just lost the rear, and that all I remember. Thats what happned.

I need to thank everybody at the IMS medical center, KV Racing and everybody for giving me big suport and they were very afficient through the situation."

When asked if he was sore E.J. said "As soon as I hit the wall I had a huge back pain, they took me to the Hospital, they did a full set of scans and E-Rays and luckly everything was in place and here I am, ready to go.

I'm a little bit sore, ya know, but it's part of the job.'

When asked if he'll think about it when he gets back on track E.J. said "Yea, for sure you think about it. One of the things you want to think about is what happend and as soon as you know the reason, you lear from that. Just try to take it out of your mind as soon as possible"


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