Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Andretti, Wahlberg To Lead Field

Mark Wahlberg, Grand Marshal of the Long Beach GP earlier this year, will join the field at the start of the 2010 Indianapolis 500. Piloted by IZOD IndyCar Series veteran and Andretti Autosport owner Michal Andretti, Wahlberg will take three parade laps behind four parade vehicles, but in front of the pace car and 33-car field in a purpose built 2-seater. Once the the 4 parade cars pit, Andretti and Wahlberg will reach speeds of nearly 200mph catching the 11th row before the drop of the green flag. Mario Andretti, who was originally rumored to be driving the car, will be coaching the two over a radio from the IZOD Pit Performance Center.

Following the race on ABC, fans can log on to RaceToTheParty.com to check out audio and video footage from in-car equipment on the 2-seater. Coined "Fastest Seat in Sports", announcements will be made during the LIVE broadcast on promotions that will offer fans the opportunity to experience the thrill.

“This sport is incredible. I was blown away at the Long Beach Grand Prix by the speed and skill of these drivers -- I've had the racing bug ever since. My career has taken me down many amazing roads, but nothing compares to this. This should be the ride of my life." - Mark Wahlberg

"We've got three heavyweights making history – Mark Wahlberg, a Hollywood leading man who, for this ride, is professionally trained for an upcoming movie and in the best shape of his life, alongside Mario Andretti, one of the best to ever drive a race car and Michael Andretti, former driver and owner of Andretti Autosport. We're really proud to have these guys on our team and on the track for the first ‘IZOD Fastest Seat in Sports’ event. What a great place to be during an event like this. I would think it's like suiting up with a Super Bowl team and chasing the kicker." - Executive VP of Marketing for Phillips-Van Heusen, Mike Kelly


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