Monday, March 22, 2010

IndyCar Confirms 2012 Formula Committee

In the wake of yesterday's announcement on Wind Tunnel by newly named CEO Randy Bernard that the IZOD IndyCar Series would create a committee to help select the 2012 formula, the series has confirmed it today.

The advisory board will include a league representative, a team owner, an engine expert, a marketer/promoter and a racing engineer. The project will be named the ICONIC (Innovative, Competitive, Open-Wheel, New, Industry-Relevant, Cost-Effective) IZOD IndyCar Series Advisory Committee.

The board will be led by 4-Star Air Force General William R. Looney III, who will report all of his findings to the IRL's CEO Randy Bernard. The rest of the committee will be chosen by the new CEO, with the exception of the team owner. Each full-time IndyCar entry will receive one vote to select an owner to represent them on the board. The recommendation from the committee, which is expected within 3 months, will then be presented to Mr. Bernard for the final decision.

"The Indy Racing League always has taken pride in its role in automotive innovation. The search for a new chassis and engine has been about enhancing innovation in our sport and renewing the IZOD IndyCar Series as the automotive industry's proving ground.

"As the league moves closer to making a decision regarding our new chassis and engine platform, we need to continue to have an articulate process in place that sets the criterion in a timely manner while taking into consideration the core areas of car development in our sport: competition, marketing, engineering, engine development and team ownership.

"Terry Angstadt and Brian Barnhart have done an outstanding job researching and developing the future car for the past two years. Now we would like for the members of the advisory committee to review the research and make a collective recommendation, utilizing their respective industry sector's point of view.

"Just as equally important in this process are the drivers and fans. The advisory committee will be encouraged to reach out to the drivers for their feedback and opinions about the engine and chassis. Additionally, we are currently conducting surveys to receive fan input on the new chassis and will look for similar ways to incorporate their voice into the committee's research in the future."

"Gen. Looney represents many of the characteristics that are important to this process and his Air Force background provides familiarity with speed, safety, technology and integrity. We are grateful to have someone with his vast experience serve as chairman, and I'm confident that he will set the appropriate procedures to oversee the advisory committee and facilitate a recommendation in a timely manner. Having an industry outsider chair should prevent any bias toward any certain industry sector when overseeing the advisory committee.

"Our objectives for the chassis remain the same as they were when the league first began the process of developing its next car: safe, raceable, cost-effective, American-made, less mass/more efficient, relevant technology, modern look and green. - IRL CEO, Randy Bernard


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