Monday, February 15, 2010


Really like the Lola and Swift designs. Anything but that damn D-Wing.....

It looks like they just took a normal indycar, removed the airbox, and put a lot of fins and turning vanes on it. It lacks the imagination of some of the other concepts, but perhaps that's a good thing

I love this. It is just what we need, interesting concept and forward thinking in these times. Very nice. Not sure which design I would choose though.... A.N. Onimus

Lola seems to be the only one that tries to balance economy of scale (parts commonality with Indy Lights chassis) and varying the looks of the car by allowing changes to various bolt-on components.

However, I'm troubled that they can't seem to focus on the IndyCar brand: why are there so many Daytona prototype pictures? Maybe that is another area where DeltaWing has the edge - it is way different than a F1, NASCAR, or any current open wheel race car. That's brand identification!

Swift concepts are the clear winners... the Lola's only gold star is the dual purpose ICS & Lights chassis concept

its really fat sponser must be happy with this design look like some one listen what sponser want it looks ok its not best design look wise it probly the worst by car company if delty wing is not there if i vote any of the car it be winner because of the sponser the front look like missel that how indycar should look like irl allready choose dallara this is all marketing

I like it...good evolutionary design...it's between Lola and Swift, IMO.

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