Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delta Wing Covered Up

UPDATE: Although still covered, a photo from the front of the Delta Wing. Be sure to check back tomorrow from 12-12:30 for full (uncovered) shots of the chassis.

(Photo: Mark Bilek)

As seen in the above photo, the Delta Wing is ready for the unveiling at tomorrow Chicago Auto Show. Curt Cavin reported several weeks ago that it draws a strong resemblance to the Spirit of America (below), and judging by the outline of the covered up chassis, I see the similarities.


i saw the car is uglyest open wheel car ever its more of a joke the car is too small not lot sponser space it looks like 3 wheel car and a fender car where is air going to reach the brakes this is what teams are fighting over this embarrasment tony george support this crap he deserved to get fired i am big support of his it is even more embarrasmet this year irl schedule

From what I saw today they should, ummmmmm, keep it covered up. I think I'll go throw up now.

Can we get them to cover it back up?

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