Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dallara's 2012 Concepts

Dallara will officially release these concepts tomorrow

The chassis will:

  • Ligher and more efficient
  • Built at a much lower cost
  • Manufactured in the United States
Stay tuned, as I hope to post more concepts from other manufactures over the coming days.


I really like the third concept. The others seem quite fanciful, the third seems most workable and IMO looks fantastic.

I don't mind any of them, but I'd probably go with the third one too. The sidepods on the second look a little weird and bulbous-y, and the first looks a litte too...Shelby Can-Am-y. The third is probably most like what we've currently got, or seen in the past, so it's a little easier to take. That said, if we wind up with any of those, I'm not exactly going to boycott the series.

Good work, James. I'll keep tuning in for whatever you get.

James: Thanks for your hard work. I think all these chassis' are awesome. I don't know how long a chassis lasts, but I would like to see the IRL start with a chassis like #3 and evolve into chassis #1 over a period of time that is in line with the life expectancy of the chassis. Paul in Calif.

Christ on a bike!

They are all shocking!

Who designed these? Andrea Bocelli?

Let's get the yellow, maroon, and the delta wing...and 3 different engine manufacturers...and get to racing!

How about the fastest one? Has the point of racing been lost on these fools?

last two look like the indycar of today not much change that a good thing i like dallara the yellow car look like old dallara shark fin car look like today car and make more sence for sponser but it will never work for oval so yellow wins there is a lot of meat on that car

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