Monday, January 11, 2010

Coyne Set To Run 2 Cars In 2010

UPDATE: It appears that Z-Line is leaving with Justin Wilson for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing.


In an IndyCar teleconference, Dale Coyne says that driver announcements will be made at the end of the month. It did sounds like DCR will run 2 cars in 2010. Z-Line Designs will remain on the #18, and Boy Scouts of America will find it's self on the #19.

Dale Coyne: "The driver announcements will be coming out at the end of the month"

Bob Jenkins: "An "s" on announcements, so maybe more than 1 car?"

Dale Coyne: "Your just like everybody else, your very observant. Yea, I did say "s" on that, plural. Z-Line has been a great sponsor over the past 2 years and they plan to continue in 2010. For those savvy reporters out there, you probably figured out that the Boy Scout car is now #19, which leaves the #18 car open for a second car which has traditionally been the Z-Line number."


An American driver BETTER be in that #19 car.

Capt America aka JR Hildebrand would be great in a Boy Scout sponsored car!

I've got ten bucks that says the driver of the BSA car will be from Brazil.

Brad, how about Ana Beatriz driving the BOY Scouts of AMERICA car?

With this sport, it only makes sense.

Hildebrand is in Indy for meetings and a physical today, maybe it is him.


I hope it's J.R., who would be a perfect fit in that Boy Scouts car. But pretty much all IndyCar and Indy Lights drivers are in Indy getting physicals and such at the winter meetings. But J.R. would certainty be terrific.

What about Ana Beatriz? I read that she will race at Sao Paulo...is it possible that she'll drive the n.19 in Brazil and onother driver will drive the car for the rest of the season?

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