Monday, December 7, 2009

De Silvestro To Test With HVM

UPDATE: HVM was reportedly very happy with the test. De Silvestro ran a total of 147 laps over the 2 days and was "very impressive" said Keith Wiggins.

"From the first laps, she showed she was capable of driving the car fast and she progressed rapidly. She was fast, consistent and gave good driver feedback. In fact, by the second half of the first day, we were so comfortable that we began working on development of our 2010 program using her feedback.

By day two, I think everyone forgot she wasn't a seasoned professional. Everyone enjoyed working with her." -Keith Wiggins, HVM Owner

"It was a dream come true to step into the cockpit of the Stargate: Resistance IndyCar," said De Silvestro. "I got comfortable right away and soon came up to speed, and overall thought the test was excellent. I need to thank Gary Whiting at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment along with Imran, Shane, and the rest of Team Stargate Worlds for making this happen. Thanks to Keith Wiggins and the engineers for making the experience so enjoyable and for supporting me. HVM is a first-class organization." -Simona De Silvestro

UPDATE: Check out the car. Very interesting that it's got the full livery just for a test. Hopefully they are close on an announcement...
(Photos via SGW twitter)
HVM has confirmed that they will indeed test Atlantic stand out Simona De Silvestro at Sebring on Tuesday and Wednesday. The test is in conjunction with Team Stargate Worlds who ran both Silvestro and Frankie Muniz in the Atlantic Championship this season.

HVM is slated to field Robert Doornbos in the #33 Honda powered Dallara in 2010, with the possibility of adding a second car.

"Simona has been impressive in Atlantics and could certainly have a future in IndyCar. This trip to Sebring is going to be sort of a litmus test to see if there's potential for future collaboration with her and Team Stargate Worlds." -Keith Wiggins, HVM Owner


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