Thursday, December 17, 2009

de Ferran Motorsports Set To Close

UPDATE: Gil de Ferran statement:
"At the time of writing I am working very hard to secure de Ferran Motorsports immediate future and my plans to enter the 2010 Indy Car Championship are still very much alive.
"I have continued to employ our staff until now while working towards our 2010 goals but as of yet I am not in a position to announce anything further. The staff have been kept fully informed of the situation and the current status was communicated to them yesterday. In the meantime I am continuing to work on the 2010 program and will release further information when our plans are finalized."
As first reported by @brianjee and later @planetIRLdotcom on twitter, de Ferran Motorsports is closing up shop.

The story was later confirmed by the Indianapolis CBS affiliate WishTV. According to the station 15 employees are set to be laid off from the Brownsburg, Indiana shop as of tomorrow. However the teams assets are not for sale and the team will continue searching for sponsorship.


I hope Santa comes through with some $$$.

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