Thursday, December 17, 2009

2012 Chassis May Resemble...

Hustle on over to the Curt Cavin's latest article on the 2012 Chassis. But before you go, here is a video and a few photos of what Cavin says the Delta Wing car may resemble.


As my Mom would say "Well, (long pause) that's nice dear."

It would be different all right. Not quite what I had in mind when they kept referring to it as a Delta Wing, but I now understand the 3 wheel thing a little better.

As Cavin says though, this one is a long way from being reality. I've got to believe that the more weeks that go by, the greater the likelihood we're going to get Dallara Version 2.0

Maybe the point of the whole Delta Wing program, was like Reagan Era Star Wars defense. An eloborate bluff by the team owners to try to get Dallara worried enough about losing the business to lower their prices.

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