Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Newman Wachs, Edwards Could Make Jump To IRL

It looks like 18 year old John Edwards and his 2009 Atlantics Championship winning team could be making the jump to the Indycar Series in 2010. As first pointed out by The Other Side, SPEED's Marshall Pruett has written a pretty convincing article.

“There are two areas we’re considering, one is GP2 and I’m not as familiar with that series, but we’re talking with people; that would take Edwards overseas again. The other is IndyCar.

I wouldn’t try to do it without tailing onto an existing IndyCar team. When I started my team I figured, ‘I’m as smart as anyone else; there’s no reason I can’t built and staff my own team to become a winner,’ and it took four years for that to happen. It gave me even more respect for guys like Carl Haas, Roger Penske and Chip Ganassi to see just how much it takes to build and develop a sound and winning organization. We won’t try to start from scratch. We may join another team if we go that way, and we may use that as something to launch from.

Our big concern is if we can keep funding it ourselves. We’ve been almost fully funded by the Nuclear Energy Institute and Entergy. They are interested in our plans and they could be a player, but they haven’t committed at this point. We haven’t put that one to bed yet.

If we were to run GP2 it opens up a whole new avenue for us. Obviously, we’d have to be with the right team. It would certainly be new for us, and its something we haven’t done before and I’m sure it would be interesting. There would be a lot to learn. If we stay in the United States, what I really want to do is launch John Edwards.” -Eddie Wachs


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